Linguatech continues its external growth and expands after acquiring translation agencies LinQuake and Fiducia. Both agencies will fully integrate into Linguatech, thereby increasing its expertise as a technological leader in translation services. Following earlier successful acquisitions, Linguatech’s portfolio now includes five translation agencies, each with its own specialization. With the acquisition of these two renowned translation agencies, Linguatech solidifies its position in the top 10 largest translation agencies in the Netherlands.

Translation agency LinQuake was founded in 2013 by former owner Dave van den Akker. The versatile agency boasts both an ISO-17100 and the rare ISO-18587 certification. With the latter certification, the agency specializes in processing AI translations with human supervision, which is essential in the dynamic field of multilingual content creation.

With the acquisition of LinQuake, Linguatech also adds translation agency Fiducia to its portfolio. Due to the growing demand for specialized legal and financial translations, van den Akker founded Fiducia in 2021. The company quickly incorporated the renowned legal translation agency Hendriks & James, which has been active in the market since 2002 and works for leading companies in the legal sector. This makes Fiducia one of the market leaders in the field of legal translations.

Former owner Dave will join Linguatech’s team in the role of sales manager. Linguatech’s Group CEO Jeroen van Benten states: “With over 20 years of experience in sales within the translation world, we expect him to provide valuable insights into the sales and account management processes across all subsidiaries. We are optimistic that this integration will lead to fruitful knowledge exchange between our enterprises.

Linguatech plans to retain the identity and location of both acquired agencies, focusing on improving internal processes and leveraging economies of scale. Van Benten adds: “We will maintain the unique brand expressions to meet our customers’ needs. Within the organization, we will focus on implementing more AI solutions. Particularly, our innovative label Simply Translate has been successful in offering Large Language Models. The combined strength and portfolio expansion will help maintain the pioneering role in this rapidly evolving market.