Linguatech is a boutique of innovative companies in the translation industry.

Its activities take place in the centre of Amsterdam where an ambitious team works on technological innovations, high-quality language services and artificial intelligence solutions to produce multilingual content.

Our story

Linguatech started with Simply Translate which was founded by three friends. Combining the backgrounds in language (Milou), technology (Dennis) and finance (Jeroen) in the thriving international city of Amsterdam, has been the key to its success.

They did not earn their stripes in the translation industry before starting Linguatech. Previously we were building technology businesses in other industries, which helps us to shape this industry with a different perspective. Right from the start investing in our proprietary software was our key focus. After all, this industry revolves around technology and we never stop innovating. We have high standards for the services that we provide and clients can rely on us.

Our technologies are developed in-house and applied in our subsidiaries, which ensure that our internal operation is streamlined. It allows our team to select expert translators for the projects with just a few clicks. These innovations give them direct access to many technologies, and the focus of our translation coordinators is on quality. These same technologies are available through our platform for customers, where no intervention of an internal employee is required.

The core values ​​that
characterize us


We always strive for a long-term relationship, where customers can rely on the quality of services that we provide.


More than three quarters of our customers are online operating customers who purchase translations to achieve cross-border success. From that point of view, we always work on multilingual that fits within the budget and connects with the target group. Our slogan is therefore: “Your success is our success”.


The founders of Linguatech are born and bred in the Netherlands, a country known for its commercial spirit and drive for innovation. We strive to reflect these age-old qualities in our daily activities.

High standard

Linguatech aims for the highest possible quality and works in accordance with ISO standards and with ISO-certified software systems.

What we do

Our expertise is in developing technology that allows customers and our internal staff to easily produce texts in multiple languages.

In this process, we directly connect with human native speakers or services where we apply artificial intelligence. With our platform, we target technology companies in e-commerce, e-learning and software to make the translation process less complex. We help companies to create multilingual content easily.

At our office in Amsterdam, we work with different nationalities and speak many (programming) languages. The deep-rooted passion for language and technology has led us to think along with our customers’ problems and design customised solutions. Our innovative platform is intended as middleware so that multilingual content can be distributed easily.

Our brands

Linguatech consists of six subsidiaries: Simply Translate, The Translation Collective, Translation Agency Textwerk, LinQuake, Fiducia and Beëdigd Vertaalbureau.

Our vision

Linguatech aims to make multilingual content production easy using language professionals, smart software and artificial intelligence solutions.

It allows our customers to efficiently obtain a range of services with or without the intervention of one of our in-house language experts. Our proprietary platform enables leading companies to flourish in multilingual content production. The platform serves as an innovation that helps SMEs to do business faster in Europe.

As a software company, we put thinking in terms of processes first. Based on this philosophy, high-priority process optimisations are continuously implemented. Our goal is to control all our subsidiaries through a dashboard and thereby become the most efficient translation agency in the world. Our goal is to let all our users experience how carefree it can be to produce multilingual content.